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Autor Manzeschke, Arne [ Univ. München, München, DE ]
Autor Assadi, Galia [ Univ. München, München, DE ]
Autor Viehöver, Willy [ Univ. München, München, DE ]
Titel The role of big data in ambient assisted living
Sprache Englisch
Quelle IRIE International Review of Information Ethics, Vol. 24(2016)05
ISSN 1614-1687
DDC-Notation 020
Deskriptoren Informationsgesellschaft; Datendokumentation; Biowissenschaften; Gesundheitswesen; Soziologie; Politik; Ethik; Philosophie
Schlagwort Biopolitik
Schlagwort Lebenswissenschaften
Schlagwort Moral
Abstract Big Data and biopolitics are two major issues currently attracting attention in public health discourse, but also in sociology of knowledge, STS Studies as well as in philosophy of science and bioethics. The paper considers big data to be a new form and instrument of biopolitics (Foucault) which addresses both the categories of body and space. It is expected to fundamentally transform health care systems, domestic environments and practices of self-observation and reflection. Accordingly the paper points out some problems and pitfalls as well as open questions that have emerged in the field of AAL, which merit more attention in future public and academic debate. (Autor)
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