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Autor Gravante, Tommaso
Titel Netactivismo en las protestas y procesos de cambio social : Caso de estudio: alzamiento popular en Oaxaca, México
Sprache Spanisch
Quelle IRIE International Review of Information Ethics, Vol. 18(2012)12
ISSN 1614-1687
DDC-Notation 020
Deskriptoren Informationsgesellschaft; Kommunikation; Netzarchitektur; Soziales Netz; Kultur; Forschung; Soziologie
Schlagwort Motivation
Abstract In this paper we propose an analysis of net-activism practices, and how they influence the cultural change process of protestors in the citizen riot of Oaxaca (Mexico) in 2006. The approach adopted in the research is "bottom-up", hence just analyzing the movement itself. This aspect is both methodological and theoretical. In the analysis of the net-activism's practice, we focus on the emotive dimension of protestors. The analysis of the emotive components allow us to explicate the initial motivations of collective actions, and how new media are linked with citizen empowerment. (Autor)
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